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Top Household Uses of Natural Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth, (DE) is a naturally occurring product that is made from the fossilized remains of sea water plants known as the phytoplankton. These water plants are tiny and single-celled organisms that are believed to be part of the earth’s ecology since the early times. Over time, approximately thirty millions years ago, the diatoms piled up on the sea beds to form the chalky deposits of diatomite. Presently, hundreds of deposits of these DE can be found in different parts of the earth. It is available in both fresh and salt water bodies. Some can be found under the water while others can be found in bottoms of dried ancient lakes. When these diatoms are mined, they are grounded up into powder form, diatomaceous earth. It looks and feel like the talcum powder. It is also good to note that the diatomaceous earth comes in two categories; the food grade and the industrial grade DE.

Health benefits of the DE (Diatomaceous Earth)

diatomacious earth healthBeing a naturally occurring product, DE has a lot of health benefits. A majority of people who have used this product have reported overwhelming success from the DE. Thousands of people who have used this product have claimed to have experienced a positive change in their blood pressure levels. Most people have reported that their HBP has gone down. DE has also been reported to lower the cholesterol in the body. Most of the consumers who have used this product have reported to forty to sixty points lower after only two weeks of usage. Hundreds of people are also praising the DE for helping them cut down their weight.

The argument behind this is that diatomaceous earth taken in the morning helps to reduce appetite. DE is widely used in Asia and Europe as health and beauty product for skin, hair, nails, joints, and bones. Other health benefits of the DE includes; enhancing the growth of hair, formation of strong nails, hardening of teeth and gums, tissue degeneration, supports production of collagen, help to detox the body as well as strengthening the body joints and bones. It is also used to make gentle facial exfoliant and mask. These are just but a fraction of many benefits of DE.

The Common Household Uses of the Diatomaceous Earth

  1. Food storage- the DE is added to grains and legumes such as wheat, beans, barley, and maize to prevent spoilage. It helps to keep the food dry as well as preventing the formation of molds and also protecting the food against common storage pest such as weevils and beetles.
  2. Used against bedbugs and fleas. It is used to get rid of these insects as well as to prevent their infestations. Spraying the right amount will keep off these insects and kill the existing ones.
  3. The DE is also used to control garden pests such as beetles, slugs among other harmful pests in the garden. Additionally the DE is approved for use against home pests such as spiders, cockroaches, earwigs and ticks. It is the most recommended in eliminating such of home pests.
  4. It can be used in place of the baking soda in fridge Deodorizer. A small amount of DE can be used in fridges or freezers to help neutralize the odors. Also, it can be sprinkled in the garbage to neutralize the odors.

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How The Jeunesse Global Direct Sales Opportunity Is Gaining Momentum

Business opportunities present themselves in many ways. We at Jacob Perry know this because of our vast experience and prior history inside the lucrative direct sales opportunity space.

Rarely is there a change where you can invest in a big network where you can also manage your own investment. Rare opportunities in which you can truly make a direct impact on he people who reach out to you. 

jeunesse global reviewToday's opportunity is a company founded by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray in 2009, Jeunesse, a network marketing company employs the best network marketing strategies that can be found in the market today.

They offer beauty products which range from personal care to nutrition and one of its most popular products is the Luminesce, which was their flagship product with awesome ingredients that helps in making it one of the world’s most fantastic beauty products.

The uniqueness which Luminese offers can be attributed to the special ingredients which helps to restore skin’s firmness and luminosity while also providing a smoother skin. Although it’s the company’s flagship product and which remains attractive to most customers, the company also rolled out other successful products. Like most other network marketing companies, you get paid for a product when the person you sponsor makes a purchase.

4 Ways to Make Money with Jeunesse Global

1. Retail Profit You can buy the company’s product at a factory price and mark it up. Those who put more effort in this business will certainly sell a higher number of products therefore translating to higher profits. By selling the company’s product n directly, you will earn commissions without having to recruit anyone into the company. So far, it’s one of the most preferred income generating methods which a person can opt for.

2. New customer bonus The company offers a bonus for those who help in bringing in new customers. It’s one of the most lucrative v ways to make a decent amount especially for those who know what it takes to increase their bottom-line in a multi-level marketing environment.

3. Team Commissions Team commissions offer a decent amount of money for affiliates who work as a team. The percentage that is given out for being part of the team is pretty attractive and depending on the approach taken can become a significant part of a person’s income.It's an income generation method that is worth trying.

4.Leadership Matching Bonus Those who take the initiative and show leadership qualities while promoting the activities of Jeunesse Global can benefit from the matching leadership bonus which is provided by the company. The reason why people fail with multi level marketing is because they don’t do things the right way. Those who call Jeunesse Global a scam is because they have failed in taking into account the right considerations that could deliver success. There are people who have mastered the art of selling with time and perfected the art of recruitment therefore increasing the number of people in their down line.

Since 2009 when Jeunesse Global, it has been able to roll out additional products other than its flagship product- Luminesce and Instantly Ageless. Nonetheless, the company continues to come up with a variety of ways which a person can earn money by either selling the company’s products, recruiting people or engaging in leadership or team tasks that could help the multi-level company increase its market share. No matter the method which you choose to make money with this reputable multi-level company, there are awesome possibilities that you can always achieve your goals of financial freedom.

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The Importance Of Telling Your Story To Succeed In Network Marketing Businesses

When it comes to becoming an entrepreneur and having your own business is important to build a brand and tell your story for others to know more about you and the products you offer. This couldn’t be truer especially in a network marketing business.

What is Network Marketing?

Network marketing is a direct selling strategy where independent agents serve as distributors of a company goods and services. Distributors are encouraged to recruit and train other distributors while in the same time building and managing their own sales force. This is why is especially important to build a brand, create influence and focus on leading people in your team.

In this model, affiliates earn commission on their own sale’s revenue and also the revenue on the sales of those they have recruited in their network down-line. This model of marketing is also referred to as multilevel marketing (multinivel in spanish), cellular marketing and other unique names.

Below are a few advantages of network marketing and building a brand.


Leverage is freedom of time and location. This model of marketing makes it possible for someone to do business and connect with other people around the globe without time or location limitations. By the use of technologies such as cellphones and Internet you can connect and have instant communication with prospects, team members and customers as well. Also, you can work from the convenient of your home or anywhere you want as well as when you want to work.

An even better way to leverage a network marketing opportunity is by using the Internet to build a brand and promote your business. If you need help with this, it may help to reach for a marketing training such as ipas2 to learn how to market online.

Passive residual income

MLM marketing gives members a unique opportunity to accumulate passive residual income. It has very low startup costs Starting a marketing business requires little capital when compare to starting your own business from scratch. Earnings potential is also very high when compared to other forms of businesses.

International Business A network marketing business can be operated worldwide due to growing technologies like the Internet. A lot of companies such as Four Corners Alliance Group, allow their reps to recruit and sponsor people from around the globe.


Taxes, It is a network marketing advantage that is not that obvious. When someone is recruited in the company he or she starts a business. This advantaged is reflected in a way where your tax returns are calculated after deducting all of your expenses from earnings not the entire income, as it’s usually done.


In this form of business you have a lot of freedom since you can decide when to work and the amount of time you want to spend working. In short you become your own boss working without sanctions and directives.

Its important to remember that your income it’s completely tight to the results you can produce so you have to earn the freedom id you also want to have revenue.


When you join the marketing business the company should do their best to help you succeed. But ultimately you must realize your story is your marketing.

Personal development

Network marketers are usually prolific leaders in personal development. You learn skills like mentoring, public speaking, how to create lasting relationships with others as well as coaching skills which are vital in personal development.


While joining these companies you do not need any form of prior training certificates to qualify. You benefit from the company training and from your up-lines. Moreover there is also lots of support and training material that can help you grow provided by the MLM companies in the form of DVD’s, CD’s, books, tapes and so on.

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